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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dry Pack Canning at home- #10 cans

I have been waiting for Winco to open in Las Vegas for a while and a couple months ago I got my wish. Winco offers many bulk items that are great for dry pack canning that you can't purchase at the LDS cannery.
 The week I had the canner I did 43 #10 cans of dry items that I had already purchased and cook with to make sure that I was comfortable using that item.  My list is as follows: Potato slices, Potato shreds, Rotini pasta, Fettuccine, Angel Hair, Honey almond granola,  pancake mix, powdered sugar, and salt.

 On average this is how much a #10 can held of each product.
Potato Slices- 1 lb 3 oz
Potato Shreds- 1 lb 11 oz
Rotini Pasta- 2 lbs 4 oz  20# took 9 cans
Fettuccine (had to be broke in half to fit in the can) -  4 lbs  20# took 5 cans
Angel Hair (had to be broke in half to fit in the can)-  5 lbs  40# took 8 cans
Granola- 3lbs 1 1/4 oz
Pancake mix- 4 lbs
Powdered Sugar- 3lb 10oz
Salt- 7lb

Dry pack canning at home is cheaper than purchasing from a company who has already canned the item for you. For example: I paid about $4 for a complete #10 can of potato slices, but if that were to be purchased from Emergency Essentials that item is $6.95 plus shipping.

                    Even my 17 month old got into canning, but her priorities were her toys.

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