"I fear that so many feel that a long-term supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all. Begin in a small way…gradually build toward a reasonable objective.” -President Gordon B. Hinckley,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preparedness Test

Use this test to see just how prepared your family currently is and where you have room for improvement.


1. Are you debt-free?             YES    NO
(If "yes", skip to section "Food Storage".)
2. Please complete questions indicating what type of debt you have:
a) home mortgage        YES    NO
b) car                          YES    NO
c) credit card                YES    NO
d) recreational vehicle(s)YES    NO
e) other                        YES    NO
3. Are you actively following a plan to become debt-free?
YES- NO                                   
4. Estimate how many years/months before you become debt-free: __________

Food Storage

5. Do you have a functioning home food storage program?    YES  NO  
6. Approximately how many gallons of water do you have stored (not including water heater, toilet tanks)? _____________
7. Approximately how many pounds of grain and/or legumes do you have stored (rice, wheat, etc)? __________
8. Are you using your storage items on at least a weekly basis? YES  NO
9. Are you currently storing rotating food supplies? (canned foods, boxed foods, condiments, etc)  YES    NO                             
10. Estimate how many months your family could survive on your overall food storage: _____________

Fuel Storage & Use

Please answer the following as if electricity/natural gas service is disrupted:
11. Do you have an alternative heating source?        YES   NO
(wood burning stove, propane, etc.)
12. Estimate how many days of fuel for such heating you have stored: ________
13. Estimate how many hours lighting you have stored (candles, lanterns, generator, etc.): _________
14. Do you own an alternate cooking device?       YES    NO
15. Do you own a dutch oven/outdoor cookware?  YES    NO

Medical Supplies

16. Do you have a family first aid kit?          YES    NO
Personal Hygiene 
17. Do you have detergent/laundry soap stored? YES    NO 
18. Do you have liquid/bar hand soap stored?  YES    NO    
19. Do you have toilet paper stored?           YES    NO
20. Do you have paper/cloth towels stored?     YES    NO

Alternative Dwelling

21. Do you have an alternative dwelling?         YES    NO
(tent, camper, trailer, etc.)
22. Do you have a 72-hour kit for each family member?  YES  NO

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